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FOR SALE [03 Mar 2009|10:56am]
selling! selling! selling!

since we are moving, we have A LOT of stuff to get rid of. including, but not yet limited to:

- outdoor black wrought iron bistro set (table, two chairs, umbrella + stand)
- brown microfiber sofa (approx. 7.5 feet long)
- two modern, ikea-esque work tables/desks
- two desk chairs
- black/metal/glass entertainment center (cabinet and tv stand with storage)
- 4 televisions (one silver sharp 4:3 flat screen, 2 mini 4:3s, one 32" regular old black 4:3 tv)
- twin bed frame and mattress/box spring (almost new - used once or twice)
- assorted shelving units
- a vintage singer industrial electric sewing machine
- books galore
- some womens clothes/shoes (clothes: sizes 8-10; shoes: sizes 7-8)

send me an email or respond with a comment if you'd like pics of anything, or more info.

here's what's on craigslist right now:


sewing machine

obviously, most of this stuff only applies to local peeps, but shoes/clothes/books can be mailed to you. :)

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